Trees have needs

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Trees have needs

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Terra, Ertha, Erde, Earth. What does it mean? For us, it means a world of beauty and luscious green grass with light blue water… or does it? If you look at our water, it isn’t always blue, it’s also green from the algae, it could be any bright color from the coral reef or it could be black from oil or red from blood.

Not many people want to hear it, but Earth is dying.

Not in the way most would expect with volcanoes erupting everywhere and dark clouds overhead always… oh wait, China already has a continuous cloud over it. Just like in some places, people have to wear a mask and not as a Halloween costume, but to actually breathe the air around their own home.

We are not lost yet; some people have heard mother nature’s cry and are taking a stand. Just last week one of Audubon’s own decided to bring people together to clean up the beaches. Across the world, this is happening. People are trying their best to save the lives of animals and humans and plants alike. But the problem is, it won’t be enough unless we all start taking action.

Thankfully, schools are starting to go digital, reducing the usage of paper. Offices who once had people running around with large binders and folders full of paper are now walking around with tablets. Again, reducing paper. Yet we can do more, so much more. Some companies have even begun their own ways of helping.

Some, with the click of a button, will plant a tree somewhere that needs it. Some companies are looking to make factories that are designed to, instead of blowing out chemicals, they’ll suck them back up and begin to rid the air of pollution. There are also some who ask for donations to do these things.

YouTube, or rather some of the Youtubers that we all love, such as Game Theory, The Hacksmith,  and Mr. Beast, have all joined together to raise money for some of these foundations, rallying their combined viewers under the hashtag #TeamTrees in order to plant 20,000,000 trees by the year 2020. Which is in 2 months time. 

So, if you have the space to plant a tree, please do so. Because it doesn’t just help the environment it also helps you as a person. Trees help cleanse the stresses of a person, easing their mind, body, and soul. The Japanese even have a word for this which is Shirin-Yoko, forest bathing.

Trees can also help cool down an area. In even a hotter urban environment, if there are enough trees the entire temperature can be lowered up to an astounding 11 degrees Fahrenheit, which can seriously make a difference in people’s moods. If you still aren’t convinced that having more trees around is a good idea, then what if I told you that the cooling from those trees can also help when it comes to the electric bill that you get?

Trees can cut the bills because of that cooling factor that also extends to cooling buildings, which can cut the need for air conditioners in the summer, making them quite beneficial in the long run. Then, because of their roots that flow throughout the ground, trees can also help during flooding, by both soaking up the water and by keeping the dirt in its place. 

So, if you have the land to help, please plant a tree. If you don’t have land to plant on, that’s okay too because plants in general have these types of effects in varying degrees. So, if you want cleaner air, bluer skies, and just a happier mood, go and give your home a greener feeling and help out our planet in the process. Because after all, this is our home and we must protect it.