Friday the 13th the game should be put out of it’s misery

Friday the 13th the game should be put out of it's misery

Since the spooky month is coming to an end, I figured it would be appropriate to look at a spooky game. I had plenty of game to choose form such as Resident Evil 7, Dead By Daylight, even Here they Lie which is a really fun,indie, horror experience. I can fairly say that the game I chose to review this week was a mistake. If you read the title then you know what that game is, but if you didn’t then just know that the game is Friday the 13th the game. 

Friday the 13th the game is an obvious tie-in to the Friday the 13th film series. It is an online multiplayer game where one person plays as the titular character, while the rest play as the counselors trying to escape. There are over 5 maps, that essentially have the same build, each with objectives that offer and optional escape methods (i.e. Calling the police so you have a way out, starting a boat up and sailing away). There are multiple Jasons and counselors to choose which have different abilities and stats. You can even buy new perks and switch them out with others. All of this sounds great, right? It’s not though! The game executes most of these things poorly, which I will get into right now. 

Starting with the different Jasons and Counselors, there was very little balancing. There were some Jasons that were super slow and had the weakest attack power, while others could run and had really strong attacks. They each had their own weaknesses but some weaknesses were something as small as “x ability has slower recharge” while others were as major as “take a longer time to recover from being stunned”. The same thing happens with the counselors. Some of them are really underpowered, while others are power houses who can best any obstacle.

Even though there is a balancing issue, everyone controls satisfyingly. Jason has a slow shamble which evolves into a walk/jog which feels natural. His abilities are satisfying to use, specifically the teleporting function and short range warping. His swinging is done well as well as the trap setting. The worst thing involving his mechanic though, involve knife throwing. Its hard to aim and sometimes the knife curves while sometimes it doesn’t. The counselors control well. They run well, turn well, and crouch/sneak really good. Their use of items is meh. Sometimes their item use is smooth and feels realistic, while other times it feels really clunky and burdensome. 

Graphically speaking, the game is literal dookie. I know that sounds ridiculous but trust me when I say this. When you start off each game the same cutscene plays and it looks like someone used wet playdough to model the scene. Half the characters look plastic or just really really fake. Sometimes the graphics look okay, mainly with the scenery. The scenery is very nice and it’s easy to get lost in. 

The sound design is okay. There is nothing great or bad. Jason’s mother does good voice work and that’s the only thing that stands out. Even the music is meh. It’s generic horror. Which I guess suits with the soundtrack of the Friday the13th series. 

There is an offline training mode which you can use to try out challenges or practice playing as Jason. There is just one major problem with the offline mode. You still get xp to get more Jasons. That means you can play online for months, grind to get the best Jasons, and then decimate everyone online. To me that’s outrageous and ridiculously unfair. The challenges on the other hand, are a fun distraction and actually require some thought and planning. 

One fun feature of the game is the virtual cabin feature. The virtual cabin is a part of the game that gives in game lore, stories of behind the scenes, and even some trivia on the movie series. There are even fun interactive puzzle that require multiple playthroughs of the cabin to finish. 

Friday the 13th the game is an ok game. It’s nothing extravagant but it also isn’t the worst thing ever. It’s painful below average and it’s kind of sad. You can see the care put into the game, especially via descriptions in the virtual cabin. If I were to give the game anything, it would have to be a 5 out of 10. I just wish other horror games based on movies use this as a learning lesson, and do much better than this game.