These Audubon Kids Prepare Breakfast For Teachers Every Friday


Every Friday morning around 6:50, you can hear students shouting at the Principal’s Conference Room: “Mrs. Griff! I’m here!” She smiles and unlocks the door for her Breakfast Express employees, who clock in, wash up, and get ready to serve.

This week, The Parrot staff would like to put a spotlight on a group of kids who truly deserve it. That group is Mrs. Griffith’s (Learning Information for Employment) L.I.F.E. class; it prepares students to use life skills outside of school. The biggest thing the class does is called Breakfast Express, which has the highest reputation here at our school.

Breakfast Express is a pop-up breakfast spot that is set up every Friday for AHS staff. The class plans it out every Thursday, mainly getting stuff like bagel baskets, cream cheese from cafeteria, the bagel guillotine, and the cash register and coffee carts, so that they then can have it all ready before the sun even rises on Friday morning.

Any money gained from Breakfast Express is put into trips, which also teaches life skills such as shopping and money management. These CBIs (Community Based Instruction events) are cherished by the students and they’d like everyone to know how much they appreciate your contributions to their program. They’ve got a CBI coming up in November to Acme and Chik-fil-A and then another in December, when they head to the culinary school in A.C. Even knowing all this, every student still said “we like serving our customers best.”

The students who work on Breakfast Express are all kind hearted and enjoy the work that they do. Some of them were at first wary of having to wake up so early to work, but over time they came to love the work they were doing. Ms. Griffith even stated in our interview that, “I’ve never had such a group of faithful employees as this group. They are enthusiastic, happy, and it’s really a blessing.” The students, Savannah, David, Matthew, Aaron, and Jason, all enjoy serving the teachers. 

The Breakfast Express serves a wide variety of goods from bagels, to coffee, to doughnuts. They have Glazed, Chocolate Covered, and Boston Cream doughnuts as well as plain, sesame seed, multigrain, raisin, and everything bagels. Their most popular bagel is the everything bagel (shout out to Mrs. Lin, a loyal customer who faithfully stops by for her everything bagel with cream cheese each Friday!)

This is no regular run-of-the-mill operation. The students at Breakfast Express run deliveries to certain teachers around the school and always go the extra mile for their customers.

After a lively discussion about their regular customers, we uncovered a particular customer who holds their hearts: The Bagel Fairy! “I like to serve the bagel fairy, who pays for some of the stuff for the other teachers,” says a very grateful Matthew.

Ms. Griffith’s L.I.F.E. class is so considerate for doing Breakfast Express and it benefits everyone. We at The Parrot would like to thank each and everyone of the Breakfast Express employees for all their hard work. The passion they put into their work shows they truly care about what they do and the teachers they serve. 


“I like to serve the bagel fairy, who pays for some of the stuff for the other teachers.” ”

— Matthew