Fantastic Scott Fitzpatrick

The Class of 2017 had a lot of great people in it, many of whom directly affected me and helped turn me into the person I am today. A certain group in that grade has a profound influence on me, and most of these kids are some of the goofiest and absurd characters I think I’ll ever meet. Probably the goofiest of these goobers is Scott Fitzpatrick, a skateboard-riding, punk-listening hooligan who’s been making the most of life as a punk rocker for the past few years. Scott is a good friend of mine and when thinking of someone good to interview, Scott immediately came to mind. This man has some of the most unique experiences and opinions I’ve ever heard, and I just felt the urge to share them with the world. Let’s see where Scott Fitzpatrick is now.


Joe: Alright so we’ll start off basic. How’s it been going in life, Scott?

Scott: Ight. Lemme Clinton this: It’s going pretty well. I’m wrapping up my first semester as a junior. I’ve been commuting and working while at Rowan.

Joe: That’s what we like to hear bro. How has college been treating you? Is it what you expected going into it a few years ago?

Scott: I recently have been making some “home movies” which makes driving down here fun, and I mean yes and no, this wasn’t my first choice but it was the cheaper solution and had a really great R/T/F program. So far through it’s been a good ride and the program is good. I’m going to be starting an internship in the summer thanks to the school which is going to help me with what I wanna do, while getting more experience.

Joe: That’s sick man, so I think it’s safe to say you’re doing something related to film making?

Scott: Yeah that’s about right. My goal is to be somewhere with film making, but now I’m shooting more towards broadcasting when I finish or go for my Master’s in the future.

Joe: Dude that’s super cool, I didn’t know all that. I think you certainly have the personality for it. How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

Scott: Thanks brother, and yeah I had to think about this one but I would say a mix of Jonah JIll and Peter Gibbons from Office Space.

Joe: Definitely fair influences, I can see it. You’re quite the comic, Mr. Fitzpatrick, sometimes even somewhat of a clown. You’re always the voice of comedy whenever we skate. I need an honest answer here- when are we skating again? This might be the most important question you’ll ever have to answer.

Scott: Bro, I’ve had a new deck in my room, that gives me the reason to get new wheels. When you go on winter break, we’ll hit some spots. Honest🤕 😤

Joe: Awesome man, to me you’re still the skate king of A-Town. Speaking of that, a few years ago a big point of contention was that of who was more punk, you or I. Are you willing to bend the knee and accept the fact that I’m more of a punk icon than you?

Scott: You want the answer? Cuz you haven’t passed me yet, I’ll acknowledge who you are. But there’s the throne, and then there’s the lower court. You’ll never dethrone me. You may look the part and listen to some of the same music, but you’ll never be as punk. Ever.

Joe: Well if you’re going to defend your throne, you’re gonna have to give me an honest opinion on FIDLAR’s new albums, so the people know you’re still in the scene and not a poser.

Scott: My honest take is that no junk, no soul. Zack being clean and a majority of the guys getting older, they are changing the sound to be at a slightly new angle. Whether it’s the time we’re in now, or the scene in LA, a lot of those thrash punk bands change their music. The music/covers they made before FIDLAR 1 and that album are a supreme example of what it’s like to be burned out punk. (Scratch From Record) But I can say that the aesthetic of doing some drugs in a girl’s bathroom at a punk show reminds me of them Now to me it’s like going to a run of the mill West Coast band. They will forever be the best of new music, but 4/10.

Joe: Probably the most brutally honest review I’ve ever seen, and I respect it. I thought the album was super lackluster myself so I’m right there with you. Are You High? should 100% have made the cut, they missed out by not having that track on there. I’m slowly starting to see FIDLAR as just another Front Bottoms or Mom Jeans. How do you feel about those bands, anyway? Are you more of a fan of the former or the latter?

Scott: I wouldn’t put those three in the same they are similar in switching to appease the masses, but Mom Jeans just got pretentious and sprung a series of basement bands. Front Bottoms had some classics and I’m gonna see them again but the crowds just turned into 16 year old girls. Same with FIDLAR it used to be a heavy punk show now it’s like going to an indie concert. The punks will always take acid, but it will be ruined by younger kids.

Joe: I don’t think the younger kids are the issue, it’s the mindset the bands promote, to me at least. Rock is too commercial and it seems all rock bands these days are burnt out, sold out, or too whacked out to really be and stay great. But that’s just my two cents. I appreciate an elder god of punk’s opinion on the music of today. From a thrashcore foo to a punk one, it means a lot.

Joe: You’ll always be a real one, Scoot.