Candyman is an Overlooked 90’s Gem


To round off the month of October, I figured I’d review a horror film. There is a myriad of horror films, and that usually means that good horror films are overshadowed by others horror it’s whether good, bad, or mediocre. That was the case with the movie Candyman. Candyman was 1992 movie that was based on the urban legend of the same name. The film was overshadowed by films such as Scream, Army of Darkness, Silence of the Lambs, and The Blair Witch Project. On top of that the series devolved into a generic slasher series, which didn’t help with getting the series popular.

The first movie is the best in the series while the rest goes down hill. The other movies throw the storyline out the window and only cares about the amount of kills the film has to offer. The second one does provide good backstory but just falls flat on its face. The third is the worst of the entire series and there isn’t much to talk about other than that it’s crude, stupid, and boring. 

The first movie’s story is really good. It is an adaptation of Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden” which is a short story from his series The Books of Blood. The story follows Helen Lyle, a sociology graduate, who takes great interest in the Candyman urban legend. The urban legend states that if you say his name five times, then turn off the lights, he will haunt you. She, at first, finds it ridiculous, but after she does it herself, she starts to believe slightly. She still has some doubt, and it takes the death of people around her to realize that the legend is true. I don’t want to spoil anything else because the movie’s story is really good. 

The scares weren’t really scary at least in my opinion. They are just a lot of jump scares and a few atmospheric things here and there. I think that if someone who doesn’t like horror tries to watch this, they will probably wimp out of it. The kills in it are really aggressive and graphic in nature so if that bothers you, watch out. 

The acting is phenomenal. Reactions feel real and Virginia Madsen (plays Helen Lyle) acts pretty realistically and is a very charismatic actor. Tony Todd (plays Candyman) is probably the best actor in this entire movie. His deep voice is like liquid honey on the ears, and he just eats up the screen. Everytime he is in a scene, a part of my mind roots for him even though he’s the villain. 

The music is also amazing. Its atmospheric, gloomy, and fits the time period. It’s somehow a mix between soothing and creepy. Personally, it’s something that I would listen to in my freetime. I recommend looking it up if you have the time.

Candyman is a phenomenal movie that got overlooked because it was surrounded by films that were far more popular than it, and that’s a shame. I wish this film got the spotlight it deserved, which is what I’m trying to do by writing this review. If I were to rate this movie, it would be an 8.5 out of 10. There is so much this movie does great from the acting, to the story, to even the music. There are just some minor things holding it back. This movie is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in horror.