The Guardian’s Potential P6

Chapter 6: Revolution’s Dawn

Monday: School was in session and the halls were for the first time quiet. Yet, in the waves of students, there was a pocket of space left untraversed. A single figure walked in the middle of this pocket. Aaron Havoc, his wavy dark hair flowed downward as he walked down the hall. A blank expression was spread across his face as he was staring at a small notebook that was in his hand. 

Then someone entered the hole in the crowd and attempted to say something towards him. Then the figure slapped the notebook out of Aaron’s hand and onto the floor and got into Aaron’s face. Aaron looked up towards the blue eyes of Luke. Everyone in the halls stopped in their tracks and began listening and watching intently at the standoff against the two powers. 

“Aaron Havoc, The Singularity, you failed your people as a King and as a leader. You are such a pathetic excuse for a past King,” spoke Luke sternly as he pointed towards the crowd around them. “Do you all truly believe that this man is even fit to be King? All they did was take a fractured and falling apart school and put some new paint over it. Strip the paint away and we all can see the holes left from the past. Besides, they didn’t even try to stop me from taking their throne- Hell, their abilities weren’t even at their fullest strength.” The crowd began to murmur and anyone who was in the hall could feel the tension building as some of the students’ abilities began to activate. 

Luke smiled as he walked backwards and disappeared into the crowd. The tension continued to build as Aaron kneeled down to pick up the small booklet. But then a boot bashed against Aaron’s face and he crashed into the ground. Then several people began kicking his sides, and using their abilities to hurt him as much as possible. Fire, electricity and white energy were all being thrown at the body of the old King. 

All of a sudden there was nothing, no more people were trying to hurt him. Aaron opened his eyes from his position on the floor and saw the students suspended above him from vines and other vegetation. A woman was standing in the hallway with two students at her side. Her eyes were a lime green and was staring down all of the students harshly. Her dirty blond hair was straight and her face looks professional. Yet her attire of jeans and a blouse shows how laid back she normally is. 

Looking to the sides of the teacher there was Leo Stone and Amilia Rose. Leo was in a sweatshirt and sweatpants with his hands in his pockets. Amilia was a young Mexican girl who was wearing dark blue jeans, a grey shirt and a black jacket. But what makes her stand out was her beautifully dyed hair that flowed like a rainbow-river down to her shoulders. She was standing with her arms crossed in a secluded and defensive stance.

“Yo Aaron, get your butt up and get over here before Mrs. Cadwell goes and drags you around like a rag doll,” hollered Leo. Cadwell glared at Leo for his statement. But then walked over to Aaron and patted his back saying “Go with them, I’ll finish up things here.” Her eyes glowed even brighter as all of the vines grew and moves all of the students down the hall towards the principal’s office. Their screams were muffled by the vines covering their mouths.

Aaron looked back toward where Leo and Amilia were standing and walked with them a door down the hall and went into an English classroom. But this class was different then all of the others, because the students were working together in ways that no other class had. For this class was the Drakon’s newsroom. When Aaron entered the room, there was no hatred towards him. In fact, the entire mood became happier. Aaron sat in the back corner of the room where no one else was, then Amilia walked over and sat down next to him and they began talking. 

Slowly but surely Aaron’s body eased up as he became more comfortable while talking to a few people who were in the room. They even all started making jokes and laughing. But it didn’t last long: Mid-laugh, Aaron looked to the open door and saw a scrawny young man walk by in extremely baggy and long clothes. His face went blank while looking at the passing student. After the student passed Aaron pulled out his small notebook. Inside was two pictures:

On the left there was a photo of the original Royals from before Luke arrived. On the right, there was a group photo of Ivan, Aaron and two larger men. The one in the middle of the two Kings was a blonde, curly haired, young man who was a head taller than both of them. The fourth was an even larger man with a blood red bandana over his eyes. He had tanned skin and jet black hair that looked messy. Below the four of them there was a trophy with a golden statue of Atlas, the man who holds up the world, with a single statement: “National Champions: The Four Horsemen.”