The Guardian’s Potential P7

Chapter 7: A Shadow’s Strength


“Grace, get on. We were challenged by Arcanine High’s King to a ladder battle to see who’s Royals are more powerful.” Spoke Luke from the window of a beat-up yellow school bus. Grace, who was just walking out of school, was startled by Luke’s voice and looked at him questionably before saying bye to the four girls who she was speaking to. She slumped into one of the seats near the middle of the bus, put in earbuds, and began blasting music. 

In the front, Vlad and Luke were standing, talking to each other about what they should expect from the fight. In the very back of the bus sat a large man with a red bandana over his eyes. Grace peered over the seat to the back and a worried look crossed her face as she saw this being sit there in complete silence. 

Then a figure passed from the front of the bus to the back. Grace looked back again and this time Luke was standing in front of the large man. “So, I’m guessing that you are the Ace that everyone is so scared of. What ability do you have that makes every school fear you?” Luke began, then after a moment he asked again with anger, “What is your ability, Ace!?” then in a quick moment, the large man stood up and leaned in towards Luke and whispered something into his ear. 

Then the Ace walked slowly into the aisle where Grace was and sat down across the aisle. Luke then walked back to the front of the bus and looked towards the ruins of a town that the bus was heading towards. Soon enough, the bus stopped in front of a courtyard that was made entirely of a deep gray stone. Vlad and Luke were the first two out of the bus. Yet before Grace could get up, the Ace was already standing and walking toward the front, yelling behind him “Be careful of their Jack, Grace. There is no telling how close his power is to that of his brother’s” 

Grace sat in her seat for an extra moment, a worried look was on her face. She then got up and walked out of the bus and saw that Luke and a large built man were talking in the middle of the stone courtyard. The two then clasped hands and walked back to their respective sides. Once Luke got back he immediately started to speak “ So, they are calling for a ladder match starting with each Jack going up against each other. Once one opponent is either called out by their respective team or is incapacitated, the next highest rank steps forward till we get up to the Ace to decide the winner. So, Vlad you are going up first. Yet you need to know that we aren’t going to pull you out of the match no matter how bad it gets. So go and get up there, and be ready for anything to come at you” 

With that, Vlad hesitantly stepped forward into the courtyard. His body seemed stiff as his gaze went from the opposing Jack who was now 30 ft away from him and to glancing up towards the sun worriedly. He then took a deep breath and loosened his stance as his eyes glowed a brilliant blue. The other Jack’s eyes then lit up a green as he sat down on a nearby rock with a wicked smile on his face. Vlad was about to charge forward but then fell to a knee with a shocked expression as he gripped at his side. His aura then engulfed his entire body in it’s blue hue. Except this time from where he was holding a light purple weblike aura was emitting. 

Grace stepped forward, about to run out to Vlad when an arm blocked her path. She then glanced at the owner of the arm, Luke who with his calm demeanor waved his hand for her to take a seat on the bench next to the Ace. At the same time as Grace sat down, Vlad clammored back onto his feet and raised his arms towards the shadows casted by two nearby trees. From the darkness, two large tentacles came out and lunged towards the Jack. They both begin wrapping around the Jack as he began laughing. Then, like they were made of dust, he broke both of the tentacles and small black particles filled the area where the tentacles once were.

The slightly chunky Jack then leaped through the particle filled air towards Vlad. He put his hands behind him and called upon two black spears to pierce through the Jack, but when he touched them they too disintegrated. Vlad rolled onto his feet with a worried expression on his face. But it was soon wiped away when he looked towards Luke and the others and saw them all with painfully large smiles on their faces. Vlad then closed his eyes and his aura began to expand across the entire field. His aura then slowly began transition into a light purple. The other Jack attempted to run, but when the aura touched him he disappeared. 

The aura then reached the other side of the courtyard, and revealed the other Jack still sitting on the rock, his ankles had black vines that were holding him in place. Vlad then sprinted towards him at full speed. Vlad’s fist a foot away when a voice boomed like thunder across the fight. “That is enough!” The large King stepped forward “Now it is time for the Queen to take the reins of this fight.” With that, the girl next to him stepped forward. She had short hair and was a little bit on the heavier side.

Vlad backed back up to his side of the field and retracted his aura back into himself, yet there was blood trickling down his mouth. Just before the two began their fight, a dark cloud covered up the sun. With this new darkness, Vlad took hold of all of the shadows in the arena and threw hundreds of spears at the queen. Under normal circumstances, she would have holes all over her body. The woman’s eyes were glowing a deep blue and she was standing without injury. All the while Vlad grew pale as his ability turned off.

She began walking towards Vlad “Wow, you do have some guts. Striking a woman before even knowing her name. So, before I take you out of this match, I’ll give you my name. My name is Queen Kristlin. Commit it to memory before I put you down.” Kristlin’s voice was cold. Her aura then enveloped her body as she put her hands together. Vlad, in one last ditch effort before the sun came out from behind the clouds, reactivated his ability and threw one last spear at Kristlin. But when the spear got within 3 feet of her, the spear disintegrated into particles and flowed into Kristlin’s hands.

She smiled as she got closer and closer to Vlad. she held out two fingers towards him. Each pointing at one of his shoulders. She then looked towards Luke as if waiting on something. After a moment she shrugged and two small beams of energy emerged from her fingers. Piercing the exhausted and pale Vlad in both shoulders. On the sidelines Grace looked on in utter horror as Vlad’s body laid on the ground, blood emerging from the holes in his shoulders all the while his body remained completely still. 

Then, without warming, Kristlin shot again, piercing Vlad in his hips next. “Well, it seems this one isn’t very strong at all, maybe you might need to replace him with someone more adequate, Luke.” Kristlin picked up the limp body of Vlad and walked over to the Ace who was waiting on the sideline. The Ace laid him down onto a bench and went to work on mending Vlad’s injury. 

Grace stepped forward, wiping a tear from her eye as she threw it to her side. The moment that the tear hit the ground. Grace’s eyes glowed lime green and her face was full of rage. “No one should ever be injured to that extent, you went too far. You don’t even deserve to call yourself a Queen!” She put out her hand towards the sky as all of the clouds began condensing into one massive black Nimbus cloud that entirely covered the sun’s rays.