SAO Review/ Criticism

So, this anime is one of the most interesting that I have ever watched so far. It has an amazing idea behind its creation. The idea is that an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) RPG (Role Playing Game) are all inside a Virtual World. It has the same premise as the movie Ready Player 1. The difference is that in the beginning of the story everyone was trapped inside of said game, unable to get out, which, as you can imagine, can be quite the culture shock. But soon enough, the anime takes a turn that I personally don’t like. Because it has every girl fall for the main character.

That choice doesn’t really help the dynamic of the story. What it does show is how humans are impacted when stuck in a world where they could die. When you look at the reasons why each of the groups are banded together, it shows how powerful they can become. For example, we saw that the strongest of the strong all were part of the largest group who were attempting to find a way out. Yet in the end as you would expect, the main character of the story defeats the creator who was said to be the strongest player in the entire world.

So, if you are debating on watching the story, know that there are some things that seriously are wrong with some of the characters. I am not even going to discuss the complete weirdness that is the second half of SAO 1. Because yes it was a interesting idea, the big bad and the love interest of it just completely nullify anything I’d have to say that is good about it.