But What If We’re Wrong? By Chuck Klosterman


But What if We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman is a story that can be entirely summed up into one sentence: Everything that we appear to know is wrong. Klosterman takes a look into our society as if it were part of the past. So, to put it into an even simpler perspective: “If mankind could believe something false was objectively true for 2,000 years, why do we reflexively assume that our current understanding of gravity – which we’ve embraced for a mere 350 – will somehow exist forever?” Essentially, we, as human beings, because of our technology, shouldn’t assume that everything we believe to be true will be true a hundred years from now and even 1,000 years from now. As the story progresses it gets weird and complex as it goes into quantum physics, which I can’t really wrap my head around.

The book itself is original and that’s particularly what prompted me to grab the book from the shelf. That, and the clever book binding where the front book cover title is upside down and technically the back of the book and the back cover where the summary is located is where the book officially starts. However, the concepts might be a little too hard to comprehend for those looking to read for leisure in their free time. The book is definitely not fun, but it’s enlightening and opens your mind to things you never would have thought of otherwise. Overall, the book is a 2.5-3/5 stars and I recommend only to those who like to have their perspective vastly expanded.