Camp Flog Gnaw Complications / 2019


Rather than a music review, we will be talking about news in the hip hop and r&b world. Camp Flog Gnaw is an annual concert/carnival hosted November 9th – November 10th where many popular artists perform. This year’s lineup consisted of artists Dababy, YG, 21 Savage, Earl Sweatshirt, Brockhampton, Drake and Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is a great artist, influencer, and role model for homosexual teens and adults across the country; his music is diverse and his overall personna is inspiring. FrankĀ Ocean would be given the main attraction of Camp Flog Gnaw’s show Saturday night. Prior to his appearance on stage Drake was performing, whom I myself– and many in the rap community–consider one of the greats, was embarrassingly booed of stage after requesting of the crowd that he could stay a little longer as Frank got ready. Drake was dishonored, disrespected and humiliated live in front of thousands of people.

Now how did Drake react you may ask? He kindly said thank you for having him and walked off stage. Now what is the backlash of this event and what will the future hold in store for these two artists? Two hours later, Drake would post on Instagram an official 10 year venue contract that was given to him from Camp Flog Gnaw executives themselves. Considering Drake has never taken an L in any situation throughout his career whether it’s Meek Mill, Kanye, Pusha T I highly doubt he will be seeing any decline in his growth. However, for Frank Ocean I think he needs to take a step back and collect himself and his toxic fanbase until a formal apology is set out from Frank. I think he should be boycotted until he has done so. Do I think Frank Ocean will do so? No, most likely not, but that is fine.

Next time “Chanel” comes on my “Bag” playlist on Spotify, I will be skipping.