Botworld 9: A Meeting with Sebastian

Tedbert bickered with Griffith inside his “mind”. They were debating over the incident that just transpired at the inn. “What the heck, Griffith! How did you get control of my body!” 

Griffith let out a sigh. “Simple. You weren’t going to fight… So, I took control of your body.” 

“Yeah, well… Give it back!” There was a tone of agitation in Tedbert’s voice.

“To be frank with you Teddy, I don’t really know how to do that. I kind of just wanted control and then I had it. Maybe you just need to try that… And until you do that, I will control our body.” 

Tedbert gasped and growled, “Our body?! It’s mine!” As Tedbert said this, Griffith activated the now shared robotic body. His eyes were no longer glowing bright red, but his body was still in its enlarged state. Griffith looked around and noticed that he was inside Cuddles all by himself. 

He looked around and mumbled,“Where is everybody?” Fighting could be heard outside. Oh dear, not again! Griffith readied himself before opening one of the side doors of Cuddles and leaping outside. He landed in a battle stance, expecting to see more of Bors’ men. Instead it was a shouting contest between Jekish and Mordred. 

Jekish shrieked,“How dare you betray Sir Percival! He took you in! Gave you purpose!”

Mordred shouted back, “Percival was a sociopath who clouded my vision with conspiracies and lies! He turned me against one of my own and I will never forgive him for that!” 

Griffith turned them towards him and stared at them with his soulless eyes before saying, “Both of you shut up before I tear you limb from limb… You’re both being annoying.” They both stared at Tedbert and went quiet instantly. Tedbert could hear people talking behind him in hushed voices. It was Brunt, Leslie, and the twins, and as they spoke they stared at Tedbert with worried eyes. Griffith approached them, hands in his pockets. He spoke in a nonchalant tone,“Hey guys. What’s up with all the whispering?” 

Alpha responded a little too quickly with a “Nothing!” She stiffened when Griffith turned in her direction. “It was nothing Teddy… we were just talking about, um, how much you and Sebastian are going to get along!” 

“That’s rad,” he said rather dismissively. “Where is he?” Alpha lead everyone to the front of Cuddles, and not too far away was a small shack made from brick, mortar, and what looked like tape. “Is that… tape?” The tape circled around the house and spiraled upward in a candy cane fashion.

Beta chimed in to clarify. “Actually it is and isn’t. It’s Wesly’s Extremely Sticky Tape. Better known as W.E.S.T. tape. It’s so powerful that it could hold bridges together for over 30 years. After the 30 years, you reapply because the tape just kind of–” he cuts off before he closes and opens his hands like magicians when showing something has disappeared. “Poofs out of existence.” The group continued towards the shack in silence. Not far behind, Mordred and the triplets could be heard bickering as they followed. Griffith looked up at the sun to get a sense of what time it was. It was early afternoon. Leslie was the one to knock on the door when they reached it. A loud crash and a clearly audible shout was heard. Before long, locks on the front door were being unlatched. The door was opened by a droid that was a similar type to Leslie and Bors, in the sense that it is meant to look extremely human while still looking like a robot as well. He was tall, slender, and was dressed in a fine suit. His face plates were pressed in in some areas to give the illusion of him having wrinkles. The robot had grey eyes that were traced by a pair of silver wire rim glasses. His synthetic hair was cut short and was gray with specks of black. Underneath of his plump nose was a large walrus-style mustache that was multiple shades of grey. 

Leslie smiled wide and hugged the droid who opened the door. “Sebs! How’s it goin’?”

Sebastian smiled back and spoke with a strong northern English accent. “Leslie! Lovely to see you again! Please, enter!” She enters with the others except Mordred and the triplets who are kept outside, and for good reason too. They all can barely fit in the single floor shack. Beta and Alpha sat on a couch not too far from the entrance, Sebastian had to stand near a workbench in the far right of the home, Leslie and Tedbert stood near Sebastian’s personal charging station in the far left, while Brunt stood near the door. “This is unexpected! Not that this isn’t delightful, since I barely get any visitors, but you usually call beforehand.” Leslie’s smile she had when she entered the house faded. 

“The inn… My inn… It’s gone, Sebastian.” Sebastian was clearly caught off guard. 

“What? How!?”

“The Knighted Bandits. The ones led by Percival. They attacked us. Bors led the attack and they…” Her voice started to shake, “They destroyed everything. They were about to kill us when Tedbert saved us.” 

“How could they… wait, Tedbert?” The entire room turned to Sebastian, even Griffith. 

Alpha and Beta simultaneously exclaimed “You know him?” giving identical shocked,emoticon faces. 

“Yes well it’s very complicated… Anyway, what do you need from me, Les?” He looked onto her with caring eyes, like a father to a daughter. 

“I need a key to Metro.” Sebastian sighed and shook his head. 

“That won’t be easy, but I will manage to get you a key to Metro. You just can’t go with Tedbert.” 

The entire room went quiet. Griffith sighed and responded, “And why not?”

“If you are who I think you are, you should know why.”

The entire room remained quiet. Leslie looked at Sebastian with a quizzical look, questioning,“What do you mean? Is Tedbert not Tedbert?” 

“Well, that’s also very very complicat-” A loud crash silenced him. The triplets could be heard shouting, but not argument shouting like they were earlier. It was fear shouting. 

Mordred screamed out,“Guys! Get out here! They found us!” They all rushed outside, and were greeted with a hoard outside that was much larger than they one they fought at the inn. Robots with spears and swords were chasing around the triplets. Bors and Galahad were in the front of the hoard. Bors had a massive smile on his smile. 

Galahad shouted to his men, “No matter the cost men, grab that droid.” He pointed towards Tedbert.

Bors added, “Even if it means tearing these droids limb from limb!” The horde erupted into a wave of cheers. 

Sebastian stared with wide eyes and let out a sigh. “Leslie, you and Brunt handle one side. Alpha and I will handle the other. Tedbert, you..” 

Leslie interrupted, enraged,“Up yours! I will handle the entire side by myself.”

Sebastian smirked and mumbled, “Now that’s the spirit.”