MegaMan Maker is a fun level editor for series fanatics

MegaMan Maker is a fun level editor for series fanatics

I love level makers. The idea of being able to make your own game with preset tools has always excited me and got me into the idea of being a game designer. Games like that are made even better when they are based off of IPs that I love such as Super Mario Maker. When I found out there was a MegaMan level maker, I nearly passed out with excitement. I played as much of the game as I could and I was impressed. What made me even more impressed was that MegaMan Maker is a completely fan-made game and gets updated regularly. The only issue that some people might have with playing it is that it’s a PC exclusive. Other than that, MegaMan Maker is really fun. 

MegaMan Maker is a level maker game. The premise is that you make your own levels or play the levels of other players. There isn’t much of a story mode, but there is a tutorial where Dr. Wily and Dr. Light teach you the basics. Their interactions are entertaining and feel loyal to the personalities established by Capcom. The tutorials hold your hand and walk you through the basics, which helps a lot. 

When it comes to actually making things, there is so much you can do. You can make your own traditional MegaMan stage or make a stage exclusively for a boss fight. You can even make levels like the X-Missions and fight 2 bosses at time! Keep in mind, though, that MegaMan Maker is based on the original 8-bit MegaMan games and the abilities and characters within them. So that means no fighting Sigma and Dr. Doppler as X. Another cool feature is that you can play as ProtoMan and Bass, a character who wasn’t introduced until MegaMan games after the 8-bit ones. There are also tons of abilities to use in the game because they are from every MegaMan game, including the newest one, MegaMan 11! This allows for fun experimentation with levels and great ways of dispatching enemies. 

The community levels are what you would expect out of any of these level-making games. Some levels are overly easy and feel like they were made using the tutorial, while others feel like true MegaMan stages and are genuinely hard. There are some puzzle stages which are actually fun to play and hard to solve. There are also the types of stages that ever person despises. The troll stages, or stages made to trick the player at every turn so that they die as much as possible. 

MegaMan Maker is not something I can give a score to because it’s more about you making levels than actually playing through them. It’s still a fun experience and a great way to bring the MegaMan community together. I highly recommend it to any other MegaMan fans out there. Now I have only 18 excerpts left for MegaMan’s Birthday. Next up, I plan to look at MegaMan Zero collection which will count as 4 entries, and the MegaMan Starforce anime.