Jesus is King : Kanye West

JESUS IS KING, Kanye West’s newest studio album, follows a Christian themed gospel album that seems to be inspired by Kanye’s new worship in God, and now holds Sunday services. The album has no features and has religion-related names like Selah, Closed on Sunday, God is, On God, and Jesus is Lord. Kanye describes his newest album as an “expression of the gospel” and is produced by some of the rap industry’s best producers like Ronnie J, Pi’erre Bourne, and the man himself: Kanye.

Kanye’s album has received backlash from his typical demographic, however, he has branched out towards more of an older audience that has gained a respect for Crazy Kanye as most people depict the lyrical genius. Personally I’m a big fan of Kanye, but I don’t like the album or appreciate it after waiting 2 years for an album. However, this album was a revival for Kanye’s mental state and let him focus on the things he appreciates in life. This is much preferred over an artist spewing pointless lyrics to a good beat and for that I can respect what the album focuses on and how Kanye’s plan to find happiness is succeeding.