The Best Moments of Our Lives

When you’re leaving behind a place or a person or a period of time when you were happy, you have to take yourself back to the start. You have to remember how unexpectedly you found so many things that ended up changing your life; how seemingly random the cards were stacked right before they unfolded the way they did. 

You have to remember that the universe is infinitely more chaotic than we give it credit for; that there are people you’re going to meet who you couldn’t dream up if you tried; that there are situations you’ll encounter that you never would have pictured yourself experiencing; that there will be days bursting with more happiness and light than you could possibly fathom from where you’re standing now. You have to think of all the times life has surprised you for the better and know that it can do it again. That it will do it again as long as you stay open to those changes. As long as you don’t let the endings close you off from the new beginnings that are waiting ahead. 

It’s rare and wonderful to ever find a place or a person or a certain situation that makes you want to linger for longer. “We are creatures of the past and the future, always mourning what we’ve done or gunning fearlessly towards what comes next.” When happiness hits us, we all want to cling to it as tightly as possible. We want to capture it and hold it between our palms forever, not realizing that we have to let it go for it to mean anything at all. That we have to keep moving onward, steering constantly into the fear and unknown. That all the best moments of our lives are still waiting for us on the other side.