MegaMan Day Of Sigma is an ok OVA that panders to fans

Before I get into the review, I feel I should explain what an OVA is. OVA stands for “original video animation.” OVAs are Japanese animated films and mini-series that are released straight to home media without having been on the big screen or television. OVAs are usually used as ways to continue the story of an anime, provide a  non-canon episode to a series, or provide extra backstory to a video game series or manga series. In the case of Day of Sigma, it was made to provide extra backstory to the MegaMan X series. Day of Sigma was added on to Maverick Hunter X, which is a PSP remake of MegaMan X. I watched it via the extras section of MegaMan X Legacy Collection

Day of Sigma was split into 4 parts which fall anywhere between 5-8 minutes in length. The first part takes place during a fight with a Maverick. X, Zero, Sigma, and Chill Penguin are trying to fight back but struggle hard. X has a clear shot, but doesn’t take it out of fear of killing another reploid. That’s when Sigma takes the chance and finishes off the Maverick himself while slicing off the arm of the Reploid in the process. X gets told off by both Sigma and Chill for his hesitation, and gets told that they will have to endanger a few lives in order to save many. Part two takes us back to the Maverick Hunter base where we hear of more Maverick outbreaks and learn that Reploids turn Maverick because of processing errors in a Reploid’s brain. We then cut Sigma talking to a man named Dr. Cain. Dr. Cain is revealed to be the man who made most Reploids based on Dr. Light’s design for MegaMan. Cain and Sigma talk about X’s worrying, and how its a burden to the team. Dr. Cain states that this is true, but X’s worrying is also one of his greatest strengths. Back at base, Zero and X find out that someone hacked into the giant robot in order for it to turn into a Maverick. They find that the person hacked it from a warehouse not too far from base. I’m not going to spoil the rest of the episode because it would end up taking up the entire review. Just know that it involves conspiracies and a revolution. I found the story enjoyable, but confusing for people who aren’t somewhat familiar with the source material. This also retcons some stuff in the games, but nothing major. 

The animation is nice and smooth. There isn’t choppiness or breaks in animation like certain game OVAs have. I also like how the OVA followed the art style that the series has followed for years. The only real issue I had with the animation was the lighting. The entire OVA feels like it’s too bright and oversaturated. 

The voice acting is OK. Nothing terrible, but also nothing that stands out. It is much better than MegaMan X4, which is a major plus in my eyes. Most of the characters sound as you think they would. Sigma has a sort of stalwart voice, X has a generic hero voice, while Chill Penguin sounds annoying. 

MegaMan X: Day of Sigma is an anime. That’s really it. It doesn’t do anything special except pander to MegaMan fans. If you’re not an anime fan, you might enjoy it but you will definitely enjoy it if you’re a MegaMan fan. I would rate this a 7 out of 10. The OVA is nothing revolutionary but I am such a big MegaMan fan that I just can’t help but to love it. Now I have 18 excerpts left for MegaMan’s Birthday. Next up I plan to look at MegaMan Zero collection which will count as 4 entries, and the MegaMan Starforce anime.