Unsolved: Akia Eggleston

Akia Eggleston. A young woman who was described as active and outgoing, and who was known for having a big heart. Her family describes her as the type of person to give the shirt off her back to someone. Akia and her family are from the Cherry Hill area of Baltimore. At the age of twenty two, Akia went missing in 2017, and was 8 months pregnant when this occurred. Her pregnancy was considered a high risk pregnancy. Her family explained how Akia was on bed rest and had trouble walking most of the time due to the intense pregnancy. Her due date was in June of that year. Akia was soon to be a mother of two. She had another child from a previous relationship. She was said to be an outstanding mother to her daughter and was extremely excited about her second child on the way. Akia didn’t tell her family about the man with whom she was having a baby. To this day, her family is not really sure as to why she did this. They were not even informed of the man’s name. 

Excited about the baby, Akia and her family planned a baby shower for her on May 7th, 2017. When the day came, Akia did not show to her own baby shower. Her family explains how this was very out of character for Akia, and talked about how excited she had been. Akia even put down a $900 deposit towards this event. While at the shower, Akia’s grandmother called her several times, but was unable to get a response.  Later in the day, Akia responded to her grandmother via text and told her she was unable to talk and would call later. Her grandmother does not believe that Akia was the one who sent that text message to her.

 Akia’s family’s concern grew, and they decided to visit Akia’s apartment. When they reached the apartment, it had seemed as if Akia was in the process of moving out. A great deal of her furniture was gone, but her family never reported what was missing. Also in the apartment, her family discovered a large hole in her wall. It looked as if someone had punched it. This concerned her family a great deal. Akia was not a violent person, and was not one to use violence as a reaction to anger. Her family also discovered that Akia did not show up to her 37 week doctor’s appointment. Due to her high risk pregnancy, she was scheduled to go to the doctors weekly and never missed. This again was very unlike her. 

After some searching, her family realized that Akia had been missing since May 3rd, which was days before the baby shower. With these discoveries, her family took their information to the police, but are reported to have not taken the case seriously at first. To start off the investigation, the police talked to Akia’s roommate who also had a child.  Police say she did not provide any information that they did not already know. They then asked the apartment buildings if they could look at security footage near Akia’s apartment, but of course the cameras had not been working. The police decided to focus in on tips that came in about Akia, but most of them were proven false. 

The FBI then decided to step in to get the case moving. The FBI entered Akia’s information into a database and sent out an alert to all hospitals to be on the lookout for her since she was so close to giving birth. After a few weeks, and her due date passing, she was never admitted into a hospital for the birth of her child. A month later, police went back to look at places Akia may have gone on May 3rd. They were able to find security footage of her at a bank and were able to get a record of her transactions. The police spoke to the bank tellers, but they recalled her being perfectly fine. After hearing this, the police began to suspect foul play involved in the case. 

The police department had a small news conference after the discoveries at the bank to get her name out into the public. While the police continued to investigate, in October, Akia’s family held a visual for her in her apartment. During the visual, one of the guests discovered Akia’s debit card in the grass outside of her place. In November,  the police created a $25,000 reward for anyone who might have information regarding Akia’s case. Akia’s family feel as if there has been a major lack of coverage in her case. They feel it is unfair that only local news channels were reporting on the missing whereabouts of their loved one. 

The question still remains as to who would have done this to Akia? Many people are suspicious of the father of her baby. The police were able to track down the soon-to-be father’s name, which is Andre Robinson. Andre was a childhood friend of Akia’s stepfather, Shawn Wilkinson. Her family believes this may have been a reason she never told them anything about the father of her unborn child. Surprisingly, the police announced that Andre is not a person of interest in this case. Akia’s family continues to have issues with Andre due to his lack of involvement in the case of his missing girlfriend and baby. 

The day she went missing Akia was riding around with one of her friends who has been extremely involved  in the investigation. Police have said that the information she has provided has helped the case prolong a great deal. As of now, there is still no new information that the police have been able to find in this search for Akia Eggleston. 

Throughout this whole investigation, Akia’s family feels very unsupported by the police and feel that did not take her case seriously from the start. Akia’s daughter is currently being taken care of by other family members. Her daughter is said to be asking many questions as to when her mother will return home. Overall, her family is extremely heartbroken and just wants to bring Akia and her baby home. By now, her baby would be about five years old. Her family wants to emphasize that this is a woman and a baby who are missing. Akia is 4’11 and weighs approximately about 100 lb. If you have any information or have seen Akia please contact the Baltimore police. Help bring Akia and her baby back home.