MegaMan Starforce 2: One of My Favorite Games That You Might Not Like

MegaMan Starforce 2: One of My Favorite Games That You Might Not Like

Most of the MegaMan games have taken place within one timeline and have been connected in some way. There are two series that broke from that timeline and those two are MegaMan Battle Network and MegaMan Starforce. They take place in their own futuristic universe and revolves more around the lives of teenagers and balancing their MegaMan responsibilities with daily life. Now, before I enter the review, I am going to forewarn you that I will be ridiculously biased towards this game. I will bring up a fair amount a negatives and still give it a higher score because of my history with the game. Back when I still lived with my mom, this was one of the few games that was mine and mine alone. When I ended up in my dad’s custody, this was one of the few games I kept. I’ve had this game for over ten years and it has seen some of the best and worst times of my life. So naturally, I’d be fairly lenient on this game. 

MegaMan Starforce 2 is the sequel to MegaMan Starforce, which is the spiritual successor to MegaMan Battle Network. The gameplay of the Starforce series is different and unique compared to the others. It is an RPG that has random encounters as opposed to the MegaMan or MegaMan X series, which were side scrollers. 

MegaMan Starforce is a series that takes place in the far future. There is a thing called the Wave World, which is a world made by electromagnetic waves (EM waves). The Wave World overlaps the human world, but without the humans knowing. There are only rare occasions when the human world and Wave World exist on the same plain. There are some devices that allow humans to view the Wave World. One such device is the visualizer, made by the main character, Geo Stellar’s, father. Geo’s father worked on a space station until it exploded. Geo then went through a depression until he collided with an EM being, a being who lives in the Wave World, named Omega-Xis. Together they form MegaMan and fight off EM viruses who wish harm on the human world. The second game takes place 2 months after the first during Geo’s fifth grade summer vacation. They get an item called a star carrier which allows looks like a phone and is important for saving, making your battle card deck, etc. For most of the story, Geo and his friends try to enjoy their summer but are stopped because baddies appear almost wherever they go. Geo then suits up and beats them. The story then escalates into a massive conspiracy about awakening an ancient civilization and ending the human world. I won’t spoil anymore because the story is 90% of the game. Just know that if you don’t like games split into chapters or a “monster of the week” style story, then this isn’t for you.

The soundtrack is filled with nothing but bops. The tunes are super catchy and fit the areas that they play in. A great example is the battle music. The music that plays in combat is fast paced and gets me pumped. The techno music fits the future aesthetic and I feel the limited sound capability of the DS makes the music so much better. If you aren’t into techno then you wouldn’t really like it since that’s the whole soundtrack.

The combat is very different. You enter battle to a 3 by 5 grid arena, where MegaMan can only move left and right. You use a thing called a battle deck, which has cards that you can use in combat. The cards range from life ups, to swords, blasters, and even boss moves. You then have a timer gauge which allows you to use more cards when it runs out. If you are out of cards then you can use your blaster but its weak and sometimes feels useless. Later in the story you can get a new ability called a tribe form. Depending on the copy of the game depends on the form. The forms are ninja, zerker, and saurian. Ninja increases wood attacks, zerker increases lightning, while saurian increases fire attacks. Ninja is the worst option so whoever has that copy, I am so sorry. Saurian is the best because it has the best attack, speed, and lightning is just overpowered in this game. Saurian is OK. It’s not the best but it is the most fun to use. There is an issue with combat in this game, and it’s a balancing issue. Some areas will be really easy but then out of nowhere they will get so hard that I die multiple times. And there is a really, really, large issue with dying. You are sent back to the home screen and are sent back to when you last saved, which you must do manually. So if you forgot to save 15 minutes ago then you are sent 15 minutes back. The combat is still really fun, and is somewhat rewarding. 

The sprite work is really good and extremely detailed for being so small. The characters look very nice and each main character is unique and stands out in terms of design. The backgrounds pop and don’t feel out of the norm of a future setting. The 3D sprites range anywhere from great to meh. Some were really good and looked as you would expect while others looked like molded clay. 

MegaMan Starforce 2 is a fun game that I loved playing as a kid. It is one of my favorite DS games that I own and is actually one of my favorite MegaMan games in general. If I were to rate it I would give it a 7 out of 10. I know I said it was one of my favorites but I can’t say everyone would love it. Personally, I would give it a 9 but I am making this for the people and not for myself. If you are a fan of MegaMan, check it out! You might end up liking it. Now I have 18  excerpts left for MegaMan’s Birthday. Next up I plan to look at MegaMan Zero collection which will count as 4 entries, and the MegaMan Starforce anime.