My Hero Academia

Green curly hair, googly eyes, pale tone, and frail structure. All characteristics of the main character Deku for the entire first season of another typical teenager anime who has an exam by the end of the season and passes because the other classmates are significantly less strong than a few characters (in this story, 12 characters). Sadly, this anime is carried by two side characters, Bakugou and Todoroki, both with crazy parents and split families, which is also the reason for their monotone attitude and is also the reason that eventually makes them interesting and likeable. My Hero is the definition of anime cliché and is not that good. I would rank My Hero with animes like Fairy Tail; it is best described as a less creative Hunter x Hunter. If you have nothing to do, the show is entertaining. However, the content is insignificant and you aren’t drawn into the story and don’t feel embraced.