Sonic Generations is a Great Game That Celebrates The Many Years of The Blue Blur

Sonic Generations is a Great Game That Celebrates The Many Years of The Blue Blur

Sonic, like MegaMan, is a series that I played for years and held very close to my heart. I enjoyed both the good and bad games when I was younger, but as I got older, I stopped enjoying the bad games as much. Then from 2013 to 2017, I was barraged with a myriad of mediocre to bad Sonic games from Sonic Lost World to Sonic Forces (except Sonic Mania which was pretty baller). I felt that every game after Sonic Colors was mediocre and I began to lose hope in the Sonic series. That was until I found out about a game that released a year after Sonic Colors called Sonic Generations.

Sonic Generations was made as a celebration of the entire franchise. It had both classic and modern Sonic playstyles, and featured revamped versions of old stages from the series. The game also has revamped songs as well, featuring original songs as unlockables. The game’s development started in 2009 and finished a few months before release. The game is currently seen as the last good modern Sonic game. I personally loved the game but there were some issues that have plagued the series that not even this game could escape. 

The time demon thing known as the Time Eater

One of these issues is the story. It’s not bad but it’s not good either. Sonic is celebrating his birthday (pretty meta, I know) but it ends up getting interrupted by Dr. Eggman and this massive time demon thing. The demon scatters all of Sonic’s friends across various stages and even causes a younger version of Sonic to appear. That’s it. No special plot twists or new characters that spice the game up. Fairly bland and in my opinion forgettable. 

The skill shop

The game plays phenomenally. Modern Sonic plays like how he does in Sonic Colors, which is the best control style for modern Sonic. Classic Sonic plays pretty well, except for the fact that he feels clunky in some platforming segments and you don’t get a sense of speed when playing as him. You can add abilities to either Sonic to change how you play. You can make them go faster, gather rings quicker, or even go Super Sonic (which you can only use after you beat the game). The abilities allow for many different play style from fast paced and reckless to moderate speed with a bit more caution. 

Modern Sonic’s version of Sky Sanctuary (stage from Sonic 3)

The level design is top notch for the most part. Classic Sonic’s levels start off amazing and kind of spiral downward. His end and middle levels have a fair amount of platforming and that slows the game down a lot. Other than that, the levels are fun. Modern Sonic’s levels are all over the place with how fun they are. You have some levels that start off really strong but end up having weak finishes while also having levels that start pretty weak and have strong finishes. His versions of the classic stages are pretty fun and are a great intro to the game. His middle stages are okay, but two of them get really tedious and slow at certain parts. Modern Sonic’s last three stages are his weakest. He has one really good one while the others are mediocre. The most mediocre stage being based on Sonic ‘06 (which is notoriously known as being the worst Sonic game). The bosses are fun but overly easy. They mostly require a bunch of dashing and collecting a few rings.

The music in the game smacks hard. I grew up with the Sonic soundtrack so I naturally love it and it ended up shaping my taste in music. A lot of the music is rock n’ roll or techno based. So if you don’t like those genres, then you probably won’t like this. 

Sonic Generations is an amazing game and I feel it will be the last great modern Sonic game for a while. The franchise has been in such a downhill spiral and it’s hit a point that fans are making better Sonic games than the official devs. I would rate this game an 8.5 out of 10. The game is great and is a must play for any Sonic fan. Just keep in mind that it isn’t perfect.