Calvin and Hobbes

I could find it easy why someone like me would hate school. Not because I’m forced to do work, or because I have to wake up early after late nights at school functions, or because I’m put into social situations with people I don’t like, or because I have to interact with people who don’t like me, or because of the undue stress put on me thanks to deadlines in different classes that overlap, or because of a lack of communication between students and staff, or because of a lack of interest in the academic well-being oImage result for elf transparentstudents who are better in some areas than in others, or because of being forced to take standardized tests that hardly measure anything at threat of being denied graduation, or because of the lack of funding to schools and teachers which can cause teachers to simply not care about their jobs, or because of school culture and adoration of things which don’t care about me, or the unnatural schedules a school day follows, or because of anything really.

I can’t really think of exact reasons why someone like me would hate school, especially considering I don’t, but it’s not hard to believe.