Frozen 2

Spoiler warning!


Frozen 2 in my opinion is the perfect sequel to tie up loose ends that the original left. It gave the two sisters closure about what happened to their parents. The movie also addressed the idea that the actions of our ancestors can still affect us even when they are far gone, which I think is a nod to the environment and world that we live in today. The movie also shows that not everything is what it seems to be. Such as their “fire spirit” being a small lizard that can ignite it’s body.

The reason I say that Frozen 2 is a good movie isn’t the fact that it was adorable. The reason is because Frozen 2 managed to fix the immaturity that I think we all saw in Ana. But not only that, it puts both Elsa and Ana in a seat of power: One protecting the magical side of the world, the other leading the mortal side. In my opinion, this allows for the closing of both the sisters arcs and even (if they so choose) and ending to the Frozen saga.

So, if you want a cute movie to watch with your kids I really suggest it. Besides, I still have one of the songs stuck inside of my head. So keep in mind that if you watch this movie. You will have to hear you kids singing some of the songs. However, I don’t think that these songs will stick to them as much as Let it Go did in the original movie. All in all, the movie in my own opinion was actually really good and scripted well. (Unfortunately for theorizers, though, this movie did punch a hole in our hope that Ariel from The Little Mermaid was investigating the sunken ship of the King and Queen of Arendelle.)