The Guardian’s Potential P8

Chapter 8: War of Kings

Soon after the cloud was born it began to drip down rain from the sky. Kristlin, in a panic, ran with everything ounce of her energy towards the glowing-eyed Grace. While gliding through the downpour, Kristlin attempted to activate her ability but the freezing rain continuously got into her eyes, distracting her. She tried once more, fear becoming visible in Kristlin’s face. 

Then, Kristlin’s body became stiff as her muscles tensed up. She then fell and skidded across the field. Kristlin’s skin began tearing off as her momentum took her 11 feet across the hard, tough concrete. Yet, her body wasn’t moving at all and was stuck in a mid sprint stance.

Standing a few feet away was Grace with her arm outstretched towards Kristlin’s body. Her aura was no longer a normal glow. Grace’s eyes looked as if they were made of a bright blue flame. The rain began coming down harder, pelting everyone in the arena. Grace looked over to Vlad, who had bandages across his body. Grace’s eyes went wide for a moment realizing how far she’d gone. “Now, get out of my sight.”  She put her hand down and Kristlin’s body went completely limp, and relaxed on the ground. 

Grace was about to go and grab Kristlin when a bolt of lightning shot through the air and blinded Grace. She slipped and fell onto her back. When she opened her eyes she saw the large figure of the King standing in front of her. She glanced at the body of Kristlin and saw that the body was missing. “Well, my love, it seems it is my turn to fight you.” The large man helped Grace to her feet and steady herself. She then smiled as her ability was activated and water from off of the ground flew up and uppercutted the buffed King.

“You should know better than to be a gentleman in a fight, Terrell.” Grace then threw more water up towards the towering Terrell. It barely appeared to annoy him as he repeatedly wiped the water from his face. Grace began laughing as she slid about the soaked battlefield using the water underfoot to move her, keeping Terrell at bay. He then lunged and picked her up and held her in the air. “Surrender now. We both know that if we were fighting for real, there would be no real winner. Besides, I was asked to speak with your king regarding his treatment of his subjects.” Terrell then let Grace down to the ground. With a partial grin she walked back to Luke. 

With a sweep of her hands, Grace motioned for Luke to step up to the fight. He looked at her sternly, obviously angry that he had to raise a fist in an actual fight. Luke’s eyes glowed blue as he slowly yet gracefully walked forward. Terrell stood with his arms crossed, an orange glow illuminating his eyes. “So, you’re the one who overthrew the Kings that actually made these fun. Let’s see just how powerful you and your defensive abilities are.” Terrell sprinted forward. When the two of them came into contact, a large boom and a shockwave smashed into everybody; all except the Ace, who was holding the still weakened Vlad in place. Even the clouds parted through the blast. 

When the crowd scrambled back onto their feet, they saw Terrell’s arm covered in blood with his fist pressed against the barrier that Luke conjured. Yet, the barrier was now heavily cracked as if it were a piece of glass. Terrell swung again with the other arm and another blast pushed Luke onto one knee, barely holding the barrier up as blood dripped from his nose and lips now. Terrell then reached to the sky and a large bolt of lightning hit the flat barrier that was now above Lukes head. A crack was heard as Luke’s body was flung feet away by another punch from Terrell. 

Everyone watched in awe as Terrell walked over, attempting to wipe the blood off of his arms with a towel. He reached Luke who was grasping at his side where Terrell hit him directly. Luke’s breaths were shaky and short. Terrell knelt down next to Luke. “Now, hear me clear. You have two choices here. The first that is you straighten up and actually take care of your school. The second choice is to step down and let someone govern who is worthy enough to take on the title. If you don’t, then I will dethrone you myself.” Terrell then picked up the injured Luke and brought him to the Ace, who was coming out of the bus from packing up their things. 

Terrell, after dropping off Luke, walked up to the Ace. “So, it seems that you are the last one standing. Would you like to continue this, or no?” Terrell’s eyes sparked back to life. Ace looked down at his strong hand and made a fist but soon after, he dropped it and turned away, walking back into the bus.

Luke attempted to protest ending the fight, stating that the Ace was still standing. But his comments fell on deaf ears. The Ace brought Luke into the bus and began driving home while Grace did her best to mend Luke’s external wounds. The drive was silent and the only talking was from the Ace who wanted to know the condition of the King and the Jack. 

When they finally returned back to the school, Drakon’s royals all shuffled out of the bus slowly in the darkness that overtook the world. The Ace as soon as they stooped, disappeared into the darkness. Vlad staggered into the passenger side of a muscle car. Grace almost got to her car before she heard an angry voice behind her.  

“Grace, you disgraced yourself today, you backed out of a fight that you could have easily won. For that, my hand is forced. I strip you of your title as Queen. Now, get out of my sight.” Luke turned away and shambled into the darkness of the night. Grace sat down into her car and dialled up a number on her phone and raised it to her ear. “Hey babe, I’m not going to be at my house tonight. I’m going out with the girls to get something from The House of Trees”