SDS The Lion’s Pride

SDS The Lion's Pride

(Serious Manga spoilers)

So, I know I am abit late when it comes to this update. But I’m sorry I was mourning the loss of one of the Sin’s. I didn’t talk much about him in the little mini series that I had going. Yet the man I am talking about is Lord Escanor, The Lion’s Sin of Pride. One of the most powerful Sins who we depended on in the beginning of the story when the others didn’t have much power to their names. Without further adue, lets begin.

In the most recent chapters, all of the Sins began fighting Meliodas’s father (The Demon King) with everything they had. The only one who was able to go toe to toe with him was Escanor but only once his full power at high noon arose. Yet The Demon King knew that this power would only last a single minute so he fought the powerhouse of the Sins and by the end we all began to loose hope as the time passed but something different happened.

Escanor instead of shrinking down to his normal, weaker daytime form he grew larger and the air around him began to catch fire as his power level increased exponentially. We then got to see This new, Ultimate Escanor who overpowered and practically beat The Demon King out of the body he was in. In villain style The Demon King then took an even larger form that was even more dangerous. WHich in turn called for all of the Sin’s to unite together to fight this new threat that could wipe them apart.

In one last effort kinda like in the Seven deadly Sin’s movie we got to the a combination attack with each of the sin’s abilities be thrown back an forth between The Demon King’s son’s clones. Making the attack more and more powerful which obliterated The Demon King’s form in the mortal realm. The only issue is, We learned that The reason why Escanor was able to surpass his old form was through exchanging the rest of his life force into this last battle for his friends.

We then see Escanor recite A poem to the only woman who he has ever loved. As He begins to fade away. Yet Merlin who is usually cold and secluded purposefully kisses the burning body of Escanor. Scaring her lips and jaw as a mark on the world of the one man who truly loved her. With that, Escanor’s body burns fully away and his ashes are spread by the winds all across the world. To be completely honest I was scared of these last few chapters. For the creator has hinted at deaths before but had them all being flukes. Yet this one feels real and true to the dark narrative of the story.

So, if you do read these maga like me or care for the sins. I say we all take a moment to grieve over this loss of one of the strongest sins. Yet though not everything is made to last forever. The story still continues so we could possibly have a rebirth section where they attempt to bring him back. But, alas we will have to wait and see. Just remember, anything can happen if you put your mind to it.