The MegaMan Starforce Anime is a Disgrace to the Franchise

Unlike the MegaMan Starforce games, I didn’t grow up with the Starforce anime. I didn’t even know it existed until my freshman year of highschool. That means I’m going to be much harsher with the show than the games, and I am definitely harsh in terms of reviewing this show. It was such a pain to watch.

So first let’s start with the story. The story isn’t horrible. It’s just the plot of the games with some things changed and the story being hyper condensed. In comparison to the games, it’s much worse. The condensed story means that everything feels rushed and just feels like a generic monster of the week anime. The characters are also unlikeable. Whereas in the games they grew on you, these versions are just always do whiney or annoying in comparison. Some characters are also change so much that they are made less interesting and much more boring.

The animation is meh. It looks okay, but nothing fantastic. There are some points where it looks really lazy and absolutely no points where it looks amazing. Much like Day of Sigma, the colors are oversaturated half the time and the scenes that are supposed to be at night just seem like they take place during a morning with some overshadow. 

What’s even worse is that that’s all I remember from the show. Everything in it is utterly forgettable and bleh. The only reason I watched it is because of the tie in to one of my favorite games and it’s probably one of my least favorite tie ins of all time. 

If I were to rate this anything it would be a 3 out of 10. There is nothing to this show unless you want to get your baby siblings into MegaMan.