In remembrance of Juice Wrld :


Juice Wrld ,or less commonly known as Jarad Higgins born in Chicago, IL December 2 1998 suddenly passed away on Sunday December 8, 2019, after landing in O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Federal investigators were waiting at the airport for Juice wrld to land in his private jet allegedly after receiving information from the pilot that he was carrying guns and 70k pounds of marijuana, a prescribed bottle of Lean(Promethazine) and percocets. The allegations have finally been cleared up, and had been proven wrong, subsequently making the story pretty clear now. It is thought to believe rather than taking federal charges and serving most likely life in federal prison, he had taken percocets and chased them with promethazine, eventually taking his life after suffering a seizure and cardiac arrest. Juice Wrld was best known for his two hit singles “All girls are the same” and “Lucid dreams” which both appeared as #1 on billboard’s hot one-hundred for a while, around when Lil Nas showed up in spring of 2019 with his hit single “Old Town Road.”

I will miss Juice Wrld, considering he had been there for me at many times in my adolescent life, he taught me many valuable lessons and has helped me develop to the person I am today. However he was a product of the new generation of young rappers who glorify hard drugs and makes it cool and appealing to the youth as a coping mechanism or passing of time. Artist like lil peep, lil tracey, lil pump, lil xan and Juice Wrld will all eventually meet the same fate soon enough; Juice Wrld was just the beginning of these “sudden” deaths, assuming your favorite artist lives this same lifestyle it’s only a matter of time before you see them pass away at a young age. At the end of the day Juice Wrld had been there for parties, vibing with your closest friends and especially late night laying in the dark baggage sessions. Rest in Paradise Jarad Higgins (Juice Wrld ) and thank you.