Apple’s “Portless” Phone Idea Could Be a Trainwreck

Recently, Apple has become unpredictable with their phones. Right now its a phone with three cameras, next thing you know its a phone with no ports. Sounds crazy right? Actually its not too far from the truth. Supposedly Apple is planning to release a new phone come 2021 that has absolutely no ports. 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that Apple will be ditching their Lightning ports and won’t be replacing them with USB-C, which are known for charging fast and keeping charge longer. They instead opted for wireless charging which uses pads as opposed to cords. This also means that you can only use wireless earbuds, so you better have some airpods on standby. 

This new port free phone has many people concerned and confused. Some people are worried that the portless Apple Phone could lead to multiple tech industries phasing out from headphones, to charging cords, to portable battery packs that everyone buys but don’t use.

Another issue people have is the charging itself. How expensive will the charging pads be to replace? What happens if I need to charge it in my car? Will off brand charging pads work? Can I still do systems maintenance with ease? How can I work on it when it’s charging on the pad? The journalism team had a light discussion about it and we too had some concerns. One concern was headphones. A lot of schools don’t allow wireless buds, so students still have wired ones on top of wired ones. That means they would be more prompted to buy a phone that supports both wireless and wired buds as opposed to one that supports exclusively wired one. On top of that, what if there is a connectivity issue? One wireless issue could mess up the bluetooth, the charging, and god knows what else. Apple better know what their doing, otherwise this could be a disaster.