Is College Worth It?

I mean, c’mon, we’ve all thought of this at least once. We all, and by we all, my main target audience here, is the seniors. We all have stressed ourselves into oblivion thinking about what college we want to go to, the tuition we have to pay, scholarships, SATs, FAFSA, you name it, and the stress probably came with it. I know I certainly joked about not going to college and saying I’ll make it no matter what, but was I really joking? Were you joking when you said you were just gonna join the military? Were you joking when you said “college ain’t it” and proceeded to tell me about all the ways you can be successful without a college degree? I think a small part within us isn’t entirely joking.

I’m pretty sure the majority of us have no idea what we want to do for the rest of our lives (and as teenagers, nonetheless, making decisions on a college based on a couple stats we see when we type the college’s name into Google). I see a little humor in that. A major decision with the promise of thousands and thousands of dollars of debt based on a quick typing motion into the Google search bar. Ha.

Of course, the smart ones don’t count. We get it, you get full rides and big fridge-worthy scholarships. For once, you don’t count in this fact, sorry (not really).

As a parting note, if we’re only talking about the uh, how do I word this, social activities that partake in college then, yeah! So worth it.