Future Nurse- Rhian Schofield


For this week’s, Where are they now? I got to catch up with a 2018 graduate, Rhian Scholfield. Rhian was an upperclassmen that I looked up to, and being in many of the same activities as me, we became close and I always went to her for advice. Continue reading to find out what Rhian has been up to since graduating Audubon…

Jordan: Hi Rhian! So what have you been doing since graduation?

Rhian: I still live at home, not much has changed. I have a lot more time on my hands now though, so I’ve become much more social than I was in high school.

Jordan: Thats cool, so what college are you going to and what’s your major?

Rhian: I currently attend Camden County College for nursing.

Jordan: Thats awesome, what made you pick nursing?

Rhian: My mom is a nurse, and ever since I was little I wanted to be like her. I also enjoy helping people, so nursing fits the part pretty well for what I want to do with my life.

Jordan: Aw thats so sweet! So how has college differed from high school?

Rhian: College is much more liberating than high school in the sense that they don’t call your parents if you skip a class. It allows you to take more responsibility for your actions.

Jordan: Thats something Ive been looking forward to for college. So what are some of your favorite memories from high school?

Rhian: If we’re being honest, my favorite “memory” from high school was pretty much my entire senior year. From the cross country team going to states for the first time, to doing zumba in AP Spanish, senior year was definitely the most memorable. My favorite activity was either marching band or cross country. I was surrounded by great people, in a great and fun environment. Picking favorites is hard, because I made great memories with different teachers, but the most influential teachers I had were either Mr. Latham or Mr. Cramer. Mr. Latham was more like a friend than a teacher in high school, and he’s till a friend to me now. Mr. Cramer is, well, Cramedawg. Thats self explanatory.

JordanOh my gosh I think we all love Cramedawg, and we definitely miss you for marching band! Ok I have one more question for you, what is something you wish you knew when you were in high school?

Rhian: I wish I knew the importance of time management. I never realized how influential teachers and peers were until I made it to college where its like everyone for themselves. It was hard adjusting to a new routine, especially because I had to figure out what works best for me on my own.

Jordan: Yeah, I’m still learning time management but I guess I have to learn it for myself. Thank you so much for answering my questions!

Rhian: Of course!