• January 17Soulja Boy Releases New Handheld 'Soulja Game' Console Despite Ongoing Legal Issues

  • January 17Facebook Shuts Hundreds Of Pages Linked To Russia's Sputnik

  • January 17Facebook Removes Hundreds of Russia-Linked Accounts

  • January 16China Is Growing Cotton On The Moon

  • January 16LA Teacher Strike Enters Day 3

  • January 16Thousands of Furloughed Workers Told To Go Back To Work Without Pay

  • January 16Pacific Storm Threatens Northern California With Blizzards

  • January 16Trump's Base Moves Away From Him During Shutdown

  • January 10Masks Will Be Outlawed at Protests in France With Perpetrators Sent to Jail

  • January 10Evangelical Group Wants Gays Removed From Anti-Lynching Bill



January 18, 2019

Pretty Face, Kassie Face

Pretty Face, Kassie Face

January 15, 2019

Utopia V.S Dystopia : Clash of Concepts

Noah Pennock, Staff Writer

January 15, 2019

Filed under Creative Pieces, Writing

What do you think of when you hear the contrasting words: Utopia and Dystopia? An utterly perfect world against the horrific one. The city supposedly equal to Heaven, where everyone fits perfectly, or the wasteland doomed to rot...


Sandy Smith, Staff Writer

January 11, 2019

Filed under Creative Pieces

Do I say something first? Or will that make me seem weak and lonely? Do I glance over? Or will we lock eyes for half a second, then awkwardly dart them towards a different direction?   Just one class a day, yet I think...

A Dry Life

January 10, 2019

Worst & Best Albums of the Year

Sean Curatolo

January 9, 2019

Filed under Music

Oh boy. Here we are in the new year, and man was last year weird. We had a lot of weird songs, great songs, awful albums, stellar albums, new artists, same ol’ artists. We had a lot going on. I’ll be narrowing the bad and...



January 8, 2019

Filed under Creative Pieces, Writing

The stars were woven into the shiningOf her midnight colored hair. She's piningFor the constellations up there in space.Alone, she sits bereft and stony faced.I dream of midnight hair against my head But we sit detached and sil...

The Hill House Mystery

December 21, 2018

Filed under Creative Pieces, Writing

There was a man who lived upon a hill at the end of street. He was an interesting fellow. His house was the largest one on the street, as he never left it. The children on the street would play near the house but never on the...

August 9, 1999

Jonas Anziano

December 19, 2018

Filed under Creative Pieces, Writing

Entry #44: 12:39 PM; August 9, 1999; Klaus and Co. Building, Floor #15; Omaha, Nebraska   The ritual was supposed to last about an hour and a half. I’ve been here since 4:00 a.m. That thing is still creeping around,...

A Maze

Anjelina Wilkinson, photographer /writer

December 14, 2018

Filed under Creative Pieces, Writing

a maze Here, there everywhere Head hurting, mind turning Where to go, how to get out The intricate detail of each wall and every dead end. Where is the key, how do I get out The answers.. Where are they, mind burning answers...

Botworld 4: Cuddles and The Shantytown

Andrew Maxwell, Staff Writer

December 14, 2018

Filed under Creative Pieces, Writing

Tedbert looked upward in awe. There was giant quadruped robot the size of an apartment building. There were ladders implemented into each leg to allow for people to climb to the top.  At the top was a large room spanning the e...

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