• June 11Chloe Lynch is going to Camden County College
  • June 11Hayley Laughlin is going to Felician University
  • June 11Hayley Laughlin is going to Felician University
  • June 11Stephen Lindemuth is going to the University of Delaware
  • June 11Laura Lexa is going to Stockton University
  • June 11Olivia Lewallen is going to Boston University
  • June 11Annabel Leonhardt is going to Rowan
  • June 11Emily Lentz is going to Camden County College
  • June 11Leanna Ledoux is going to Camden County College
  • June 11Sam Kulpa is going to Holy Family University

Not My Life

Sean Curatolo, Staff Writer

May 30, 2019

I didn't want to admit it, but I was petrified on the inside. I put on an act for everybody because I didn't want to seem weak. In a whole three months, I'm going to college and starting another life. Living on my own, providing...

Broken Pieces

May 23, 2019

Do you ever feel the wrenching and twisting in your stomach. As tears roll down your face and hear the cracking of your heart. How could someone have such a hold on emotions? How can someone dictate how you feel all times of the d...

Steering the Craft

May 21, 2019

I’m Not Beyonce

Gabrielle Campise, Staff Writer

May 16, 2019

Okay so there’s only one you. Only one me. Only one Leonardo DiCaprio. Only one Zac Efron. There’s no possible way, that I know of, that I can wake up one morning and be Beyonce. It just can’t happen unless I’m in some Fre...

Live For Now

Sandy Smith, Staff Writer

May 15, 2019

Ah, college. A majority of us are already starstruck with the place we're choosing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and the rest have chosen to pursue a different career path for the future. Some are moving, others are sta...

I Love You

Anjelina Wilkinson, Writer/Photographer

May 10, 2019

Hey baby girl you still there? Daddy's coming home soon Bye i love you baby *beep beep beep* Water runs down her cheek People hold her shoulders in a moment of silence I'm sorry for your loss Boom Her...

Botworld 7: The Bandits Attack

Andrew Maxwell, Staff Writer

May 7, 2019

“So wait, run it by me one more time?” Tedbert was absolutely confused. For the past few hours Project Griffith had been trying to explain what he was and his objectives. “Well, Teddy,” Griffith’s tone had turned to one of annoya...

Letting Go

Letting Go

May 2, 2019


Sean Curatolo, Staff Writer

March 31, 2019

I had the misfortune of being the last child born. 5 brothers and sisters and I’m the baby. I’m sure everyone is wondering what the problem is. Being the baby is fantastic, you get pampered, showered with extra attention, ...

We’re Simply Different

Sandy Smith, Staff Writer

March 31, 2019

So maybe you don’t understand, But do you have to? Do you try to? Do you even want to?   Does every performance remind you That my passion doesn’t satisfy you? That I won’t make as much money as y...

51 Scene Two : Jane Johnson High

March 31, 2019

Victor stood outside of Jane Johnson High, being patient for his scout to return to base. He had been waiting outside for multiple hours now. The sun had finally retreated from the moon and with that, the heat died down, with ...