• November 4McDonalds Stocks Drop After CEO Fired Over "Consensual" Employee Relationship
  • November 1Indian Capital Declares State of Emergency After Pollution Reaches Highest Point of the Year
  • November 1US Conducts Formal Security Investigation of TikTok
  • November 1North Korea Confirms Launching Two Rocket Launchers
  • November 1Congress Authorizes Public Impeachment Hearings
  • November 1Trump, Lifelong NYC Resident, Moves Primary Residence to Florida
  • October 25Lebanon, Hong Kong Protestors Don Face Paint Reminiscent of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker
  • October 25Sanders (D-VT) Announces Marijuana Legalization Plan at 4:20 PM
  • October 25Uluru Closes to the Public Permanently, Citing Concerns of Indigenous Peoples
  • October 25Beijing Pushes Back on Pence's "Arrogant, Slandering" Speech on Human Rights Violations

Nested: A Five Legged Rabbit and a Four Nippled Man

Andrew Maxwell, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

How's it going ya goodfellas, hope you had a great week. This week I’m going to give a shorter more chill review because what I’m reviewing is a game, yet isn’t a game. It’s more of an automatic universe simulator. The “game...

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