• October 16Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau's Reelection Campaign
  • October 16Philadelphia Refinery Fire Likely Caused by Corroded Pipe
  • October 16NASA's First All-Female Spacewalk Set for Friday, Oct 18
  • October 16Classes Cancelled as Chicago Teachers Threaten Strike
  • October 15Trump Tells Turkey to Negotiate Ceasefire in Syria as Assad Backs Kurds
  • October 11Iranian Oil Tanker Hit Off of Saudi Coast, May Have Been Missiles
  • October 10Pompeo: China's Treatment of Muslims "Enormous Human Rights Violation"
  • October 8Judge Clears Man's Criminal Record After Oversleeping Through Jury Duty
  • October 8Sanders' Campaign Rockets Ahead After Successful Heart Surgery
  • October 8Climate Activists Block Roads, Buildings in London
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Alexandro Chase, Staff

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