• March 20Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Calls For An End To Electoral College

  • March 20Jury Concludes Roundup Weedkiller Responsible For Cancer In At Least One Person

  • March 20British PM Theresa May Calls For Extension To Brexit Negotiations

  • March 7'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek Reveals He Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

  • March 6London Patient Could Be Second Cured Of HIV

  • March 6California AG Declines to Bring Charges Against Officers Who Shot Stephon Clark

  • March 6Several Passengers Hurt as Cruise Ship Tilts When Hit by Sudden 115 mph Gust

  • March 6Thousands Stranded at Kenyan Airports

  • March 6North Korea Rebuilding Rocket Launch Site

  • March 6Santa Anita Suspending Racing After 21 Horses Die at the Racetrack

Anjelina Wilkinson
Anjelina Wilkinson is a junior in Audubon High School. Her clubs and activities include: Intergenerational, Mini bridge, and Teens 2 Teens. She's an author for The Current and also works an after school job at Acme. Anjelina is a determined person in whatever she does. She is also outspoken and opinionated. Anjelina has her own campaign called #standup. #standup is a campaign that she created to help those who are being bullied and to get others around them to stand up for those who are being bullied.

Anjelina Wilkinson, Photographer and staff writer

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