• October 16Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau's Reelection Campaign
  • October 16Philadelphia Refinery Fire Likely Caused by Corroded Pipe
  • October 16NASA's First All-Female Spacewalk Set for Friday, Oct 18
  • October 16Classes Cancelled as Chicago Teachers Threaten Strike
  • October 15Trump Tells Turkey to Negotiate Ceasefire in Syria as Assad Backs Kurds
  • October 11Iranian Oil Tanker Hit Off of Saudi Coast, May Have Been Missiles
  • October 10Pompeo: China's Treatment of Muslims "Enormous Human Rights Violation"
  • October 8Judge Clears Man's Criminal Record After Oversleeping Through Jury Duty
  • October 8Sanders' Campaign Rockets Ahead After Successful Heart Surgery
  • October 8Climate Activists Block Roads, Buildings in London
Jonas Anziano
Jonas Anziano is a writer for The Parrot, author of The Wave section, contributor to World News, and editor-in-chief of the paper. An aficionado of coffee and excessively bitter chocolate, he scours the internet for breaking news on the bleeding edge of popular culture and city life. In his pursuit of becoming a professional journalist himself, he's found himself at the helm of his own section of the paper.

Jonas Anziano, Writer

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