• January 17Soulja Boy Releases New Handheld 'Soulja Game' Console Despite Ongoing Legal Issues

  • January 17Facebook Shuts Hundreds Of Pages Linked To Russia's Sputnik

  • January 17Facebook Removes Hundreds of Russia-Linked Accounts

  • January 16China Is Growing Cotton On The Moon

  • January 16LA Teacher Strike Enters Day 3

  • January 16Thousands of Furloughed Workers Told To Go Back To Work Without Pay

  • January 16Pacific Storm Threatens Northern California With Blizzards

  • January 16Trump's Base Moves Away From Him During Shutdown

  • January 10Masks Will Be Outlawed at Protests in France With Perpetrators Sent to Jail

  • January 10Evangelical Group Wants Gays Removed From Anti-Lynching Bill

Josh Grubb
Josh is currently a Senior at Audubon High School. Josh currently plays football and works at ACME, yes ACME. He is currently working through the tough senior year, and planning to go to college. He thoroughly enjoys watching football. When you read my writing, prepare to sob.

Josh Grubb, Staff Writer

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