Joe Greble
Joseph "Joe" Aloysius Greble III is a senior at Audubon High School and a dedicated member of the Audubon's very own Parrot. A fan of good times and good company, Joe is an involved student and has partaken and partakes in a plethora of school activities including Cross Country, Tennis, Winter Track, Band, Choir, Ensemble, Jazz Band, Project Memorial, and Academic Challenge. Joe's favorite pastime is finding new ways to pass the time, and has found ways to do such through instruments (including the guitar, bass guitar, and accordion), video games, working at Dom's Tavern and trying his darndest to be the best pseudo-philosopher the world has ever seen. His plans for the future include graduating high school, attending a(ny) reasonably good college for International Relations and Arabic, continuing to work, breathing, and continuing to hang out with his friends, family, and peers.

Joe Greble, Staff

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