• March 12MLS, NBA Suspend Seasons Over Coronavirus Fears
  • March 12Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, 2 Utah Jazz Members Test Positive for Coronavirus
  • February 28US, Taliban Sign Deal to End War in Afghanistan
  • February 28California Monitoring 8,400 for Coronavirus
  • February 24Canary Islands Hit by Saharan Sandstorm, Tourists Stranded as Flights Are Cancelled
  • February 2116 Cases of Coronavirus Reported in Italy in One Day
  • February 18Michael Bloomberg Qualifies For His First Democratic Debate
  • February 18Wuhan Hospital Director Dies From Coronavirus
  • February 18Boy Scouts File For Bankruptcy After Sex Abuse Lawsuits
Sophia Mozzachio
Sophia The Mozzachio is a Senior at Audubon High School and she is very excited to leave. No hate, just ready for the next chapter. Sophia is a part of the Unsolved, Horror Stories, 2020 Vision sections, and in charge of Opinion pieces sent to The Parrot. Sophia enjoys snuggling with her cats (see picture), writing gruesome stories for your enjoyment (you're welcome), and singing at a very high pitch so it sounds like a fire alarm. She's going to go to some college, but she has no idea which yet. Don't pressure her. Hope you enjoyed!

Sophia Mozzachio, Unsolved, 2020 Vision, Opinion, Horror

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